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Advanced Technologies:

DirectX 11 Pathfinding,

Open World Streaming,

Tensorflow GAN for sprites

Games Technology - UWE Bristol

These third year projects tasked me with the research and implementation of 3 projcts. 
The first was to implement a DirectX 11 3D renderer, and implement selectable units that can be moved for a what could be a Real-time straegy game using object picking and A* pathfinding.
The second project required an asset streaming system for an Open world game. Using Unity, this was done for both environment objects as well as updating and saving for AI NPC's using XML files, as well as a representation of low level of detail object loading.
The third project was to create a Generative Adversarial Network using Tensorflow (with assistance from Keras) to attempt to create 2D sprites, using 819 Pokemon images as training data.

Advanced Technologies: Bio
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