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i-Patch Pirates

PlayWest - UWE Bristol

A Tale of Cyber Sea-curity.

A serious multiplayer game from PlayWest for Cyber Security Week in Octobr 2018 to raise awareness and encourage good cyber security practices for students and staff across UWE Bristol, that weaves pirate hijinks with cyber security methods and solutions. Create your own character, join a galleon and with your crewmates to increase your factions command of the high seas. Explore the seas and islands in your rowboat, doing quests, finding spam messages in bottles and mysterious artifacts. Sneak onto enemy ships and break into lockers by playing Hornswaggle, and spend that well earned gold on cannonballs to fire at opposing galleons. Make sure you keep your locker code up to date and avoid those sharks!  

Made with Unity.

i-Patch Pirates: Bio
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