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The Fixer

Global Game Jam 2020

Theme: Repair

For the 2020 Global Game Jam we assembled a multi disciplinary team met on the day. Myself being the Programmer/Unity Developer, a Game Designer, an Artist/Modeler, and a Musician. After thinking of an alternative direction we could take the theme, we chose to make a 1940's noir thriller puzzle game with narrative elements. You play as a 'fixer' who is called in to 'clean up' a mob job gone wrong, initially inspired by the character Winston 'The Wolf' Wolfe from Quentin Tarantino's 1994 film, Pulp Fiction. The game has a dialog system and requires the player hide all evidence and make a compelling alibi through both dialog and environment exploration. The game features 3 endings each based on the players performance in fixing the situation.

As the sole programmer and Unity developer on the game, I was responsible for all code, including the player movement/interactions, dialog systems, game and objectives manager, win states, UI, menus, scene implementation (objects, asset import, models etc), scene manager, and the intro/outro. 

Made with Unity.

The Fixer: Bio
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